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Issue Specific Hearing 5

Issue Specific Hearing 5 into environmental matters and highways is being held on Thursday 18 February at 10am. You can watch the livestream here.

Issue Specific Hearing 4

Issue Specific Hearing 4 into the draft Development Consent Order is being held on Wednesday 17 February at 10am. You can watch the livestream here.

22 January 2021

The next Issue Specific and Open Floor Hearings are due to take place from the 15 February. View timetable on Planning Inspectorate website.

8 January 2021

We are aware that since the online hearings in December 2020 for the Aquind Interconnector Development Consent Order, members of the public have been writing to the Examining Authority (part of the Planning Inspectorate) with comments on what was said. We also understand that residents have received responses that their comments will not be admitted to the examination.

In order to comment through the examination process, you needed to have registered as an ‘Interested Person’ by 6 October last year. The Examining Authority also used its discretion to accept comments received by unregistered persons up to 12 October 2020. As a local authority we are automatically considered an ‘Interested Person’ and can comment throughout the examination.

We understand the Examining Authority has now said it is not willing to use its discretion to admit comments from unregistered members of the public about what was said at the hearings in December 2020. We understand that this will be disappointing for members of the public but the Examining Authority is legally entitled to take this stance under the Planning Act 2008.

We would like to reassure you that we continue to oppose the Aquind scheme. We have been working very closely with our residents and other local authorities to make sure all considerations and concerns are brought to the Examining Authority’s attention. A point is not viewed as being stronger just because it is made by a large number of people – all material considerations must be considered and given weight according to their merits by the Examining Authority, no matter how many people raise them.

If you have a concern that you feel has not been raised at any point in the examination you should contact your local ward councillor.

Issue Specific Hearing 2

Issue Specific Hearing 2 into Traffic, Highways and Air Quality is being held on Monday 14 December at 10am. You can watch the livestream here