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Interconnector Portsmouth | 11 September 2023

11 September 2023

Following the Judicial Review and High Court decision in January 2023, The Secretary of State asked Portsmouth City Council to provide an update on the requirement for a Works Cooperation Agreement between the council and the AQUIND Interconnector project.

As part of a response to that request, last week a Works Cooperation Agreement was put in place. This is a necessary ‘without prejudice’ process to ensure that the AQUIND Interconnector project could not undermine or disrupt the vital coastal defence work being undertaken in North Portsea or increase costs to the people of Portsmouth if it were to achieve a Development Consent Order.

Portsmouth City Council continues to strongly oppose the AQUIND Interconnector project and proposal to lay cables through the areas in the east of the city. As a densely populated island city, the planned route is both impractical and unacceptable. It will severely impact our residents’ everyday lives and wellbeing and impact our environment.

The council continues to make representations to the Secretary of State to make the objections of local people clear at every opportunity.

For more information please see the Works Cooperation Agreement. We have redacted bank details and personal information such as signatures.

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